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You need public speaking confidence. Even more so for those of you who are introverts. Because the ability to speak in public is one of the skills that many seekers need. However, not everyone has this abilityUnfortunately, not everyone is born carrying these public speaking skills well.. Even though the ability to speak in public is very useful in the world of work.

For most people the possibility of speaking in public or being popular with public speaking is commonplace. This is probably because they are used to doing it or because someone has high self-confidence. So how do you gain confidence when speaking in public?

4 Tips for Public Speaking Confidence for an Introvert

Efforts and Tips for Confident Public Speaking

Of course, you can have the ability to speak in public. Even if you are one of those people who are shy and often feel nervous. There are several tips to make you feel confident when speaking in public. Here are tips you can try.

Practice Expressing Opinions Often

The first tip for public speaking confidence is to practice expressing opinions in a small group first. You can do this before conveying it to a large group of people.

So that over time you can enlarge your group. If previously you tried only for a group of people, then you can try on a larger group of people. Later, over time, you will become more confident when speaking in public.

Practice in Front of a Mirror

There is one thing you can apply to be confident when speaking in public. As for one of them by practicing speaking while in front of the mirror. Most people will find it odd, but trust me you can gain your confidence in that. You can also correct mistaken body language.

Understanding What You’re Saying

Well, this point is a mandatory point for you to do. Not only self-confidence, but you also have to understand what you will talk about later.

If you don’t understand yourself, then you also failed to make others understand. Not only that, you will not be appreciated because your conversation seems pointless.

Not Talking Fast

When speaking in front of the mirror, you will get other benefits such as building confidence and correcting wrong body language. You can even correct the tempo of your speaking. Of course, this is important because speaking at such a fast tempo can make it difficult for other people to understand the point of your conversation.

So, those are tips for public speaking confidence that you can apply. That way, for you, an introvert, you will no longer be embarrassed when speaking in public.