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The steps to overcome stage fright are important to know, especially for those of you who are afraid of performing in public. Stage fright itself is a form of anxiety from within that states that you are in danger.

The majority of people state that public speaking is a great and terrible fear. There is even a joke that goes ‘it’s better to be in your own coffin, than having to give a speech at a funeral’. Although this is a bit of an exaggeration, many people agree with it.

Overcoming Stage Fright for a More Confident Performance

Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

Most of us, experience soaring levels of fear when preparing to perform or speak in a forum. It is possible that some of them suffer from a form of social anxiety disorder (social phobia).

This fear or anxiety has a common term that is often referred to as stage fright. It takes a considerable toll on some people. Some have gone as far as running off stage or missing a promotion because of this symptom.

Therefore, before performing or speaking in a forum, you should prepare yourself thoroughly. So that later your performance will run more effectively and maximally.

Here are some ways to minimize stage fright that you can apply before performing in a forum:

Set a Time Limit for Feeling Nervous

Having anxiety and fear before performing is one of the natural things. However, if you do not fight against these fears, then your anxiety level will increase.

Give yourself a little time to feel nervous and scared. Then find other small activities that you can use to distract yourself from the anxiety. This can be the best overcoming stage fright to overcome anxiety in yourself.

Visualize Your Performance

At any given time, imagine that you are performing in front of people you know. You can also connect yourself with the audience.

Such positive visualization can minimize your anxiety. It will also make you calmer and more confident when you are in a crowd.

Project Confidence in Yourself

Don’t take actions that make yourself appear nervous and anxious. This will only add to the fear that arises in yourself.

Tell yourself that you have full confidence and will own the stage right away. Tell yourself that you will have the entire audience under your control and you will blow them away with your performance.

Through these ways of overcoming stage fright, you will be able to exercise control over yourself and others. Don’t overthink things before performing, this will only deepen the anxiety in you.