Tips for Enhancing Speech Presence in Public, You Need to

Enhancing speech presence is important for you as an orator or speaker. Is the soul of a leader in you already ingrained? Are you also comfortable when speaking in front of many people or the public? Because having important skills in business and life is an ability that relates to other people. However, many feel afraid to stand up and speak in front of friends or co-workers.

Tips for Enhancing Speech Presence in Public, You Need to Know

Tips for Enhancing Speech Presence

Someone who hails from Cornell University’s Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts as a Professor of Theater and Artistic Director has caught on to that. He is David Feldshuh. He used to be very shy. But then Feldshuh decided to overcome his fear of public speaking by entering a drama school and becoming a professional actor.

Later in school will learn from these techniques. Feldshuh also found a way to train people to attend, communicate, and connect. Then ultimately become more effective when talking about any subject, anywhere, as well as to any audience.

Feldshuh also discussed several tips for perfecting his public speaking skills. Among others, the following.

Using Space

The first tip is enhancing speech presence, namely by using space. When speaking in public, you will need to be comfortable with taking up space. With that in mind, Feldshuh advised to practice simply. This includes posture, focus, balance and stillness.

Free in Expression

Feldshuh also suggested that the executive presence must be authentic. You also have freedom of expression and access to skill schools in physical and vocal communication. You can recognize your movements as well as your voice. That way, you can use your voice as well as your body without fear or awareness. Your face can relax, breathe, and smile.


Feldshuh also defines attractiveness as the ability to bring variety to the way you present yourself. Then more people will listen to you. You must connect with your audience. Also able to understand how everyone is different. You can convey as needed, take a moment to ask yourself. As for what you want from the person, create the connection.


The reason is not everyone can become a professional orator or speaker. However, according to Feldshuh, the measure of success is the ability to see and believe in oneself to be competent. The easiest way to do this is to observe yourself. You can ask someone to help take a video when you give a presentation. The more you adjust yourself to be able to see yourself. Then it will be more comfortable too, you with your own voice and body movements.


The last tip for enhancing speech presence is by practicing. Becoming an effective orator requires a process. According to Feldshuh, it also encourages someone to take the time to realize what habits are from oneself. Then learn cave techniques to change habits and develop new habits.